apr28It’s been a while since I last hung out with CokeMan. CokeMan and I go way back. We started off as a potential sex date but knowing he was aiming for more than a sex buddy, I avoided leading him on by saying I got someone from Indonesia, who I was interested in, which was kinda true since I pretty much compared any dates back then to JavaBread. After that, CokeMan reunited with his ex and since then, I have discovered this other side of CokeMan which led me to believe that he is indeed a really good friend to have. I do also appreciate how despite being my client at work, CokeMan has been very good and professional when it comes to drawing a line between friendship and workmates. With that, CokeMan has become somewhat a really close friend of mine.

We met up today to try out this new Japanese restaurant on Saya San street since CokeMan loves to try new restaurants in Myanmar. We decided to go to Swensen’s later for some sugar treat and this was where CokeMan introduced me to something he had done in the past before. It all started with me telling him how random sex dates had been boosting my ego but at the same time, I have begun to fear the lack of boyfriend materialism in me, which was pretty much shocking given I had been one of those hopeless romantics who believes in Romeo & Romeo in the gay universe. CokeMan asked me “So have you tried this weekend boyfriend thing? I found this at one of those chick magazines and it has worked pretty well with me”

The whole routine should start on a Thursday. Thursday evening comes and one should find someone to flirt. Gay men hit the gay dating sites and I guess chicks can go out on a Thursday night or just hit the bar that night. So, the task is to get a number of a guy on a Thursday night and then to call him on a Friday night to meet up. Then, one must try to convince him to stay over at one’s place. The next Saturday morning, one must try to reach the level of intimacy until the point the victim feels at home with the whole newfound ‘relationship’; the victim must feel like one was interested in taking further steps. It’s one of those stages before getting yourself into a commitment. One must spend the whole day with the victim on Saturday and once again, one must try to make the victim stay over on a Saturday night as well. Then, Sunday comes and the whole ‘relationship’ feeling escalates until the evening comes when one has to tell him to see the victim next weekend. Starting from next Monday until the next Thursday, one must NOT contact the victim. Then the next Thursday, one must work on the routine once again until the next Sunday to the same victims. The next rule is to have each victim for not more than three weeks and as soon as the third week is done, one would have to drop it off. Just go cold turkey on the victim and nothing. Nada!

To be honest, I was amused. It sounds so mean, yet so fulfilling. I asked CokeMan what if I actually really fall for the victim, to which he said “Then, he is, no doubt, the one for you”. So, it’s a triple win. 1. You get your ego boost. 2. You are in practice with the boyfriend role. 3. You get to find your ‘one’. However, as much as it sounds super awesome, it does make me wonder if I would be able to go cold turkey on the victim in case he was not the ‘one’ for me. I do cold turkey pretty well with other addictions, but to ignore or avoid a human being, even for a friendship, has been tremendously difficult for me.

I actually really want to have this weekend boyfriend but something seems to be stopping me somehow. Ah well, at least it’s at the back of my head and if we’re lucky enough, I might get to blog about my weekend boyfriend soon.

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